GP Limit Choices

GP Limit Choices is a Gravity Forms plugin that allows you to limit how many times a certain “choice” on a multi-choice field maybe selected (e.g. Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, Drop Downs, etc). Find out more about GP Limit Choices.

Available Classes
This field is configured to show the number of "spots" left via this snippet.

Default choices are "Gryffindor", "Hufflepuff", "Ravenclaw", and "Slytherin". Each choice has a configured limit of two (2). If you do not see one of the four options, it is because the limit has been reached.

Preferred Color

There are no options available for this field.

This field is configured so that all choices have been exhausted by default. This demonstrates what a field will look like if there are no choices left to select.

If a limit is applied to a Product or Option field, the associated Quantity field will be counted towards the limit. If no Quantity field is configured, the quantity will be one (1) per submission.

This Quantity field applies to the Magical Products field above. Try ordering:

  • 101 or more Wands
  • 51 or more Broomsticks
  • 2 or more Flying Cars

This demo is powered by Gravity Forms v2.7.17.